Samuel Tornqvist


Sam, born in Sweden and thus being the “Swede-heart” of this creative team, has worked with numerous small and big bands in many different genres. Apart from being a composer, singer, pianist, percussionist and also a bit of a horn-player, he also has many years of experience in sound engineering, production, arranging, recording, and audio editing.

When not coming up with new inspiring music, he also teaches voice with his own developed integral voice approach. He has also many years of experience as an actor and as a voice talent, and he has lived and traveled many parts of the world, experiencing many cultures.

All this is clearly felt and heard in his multi-faceted artistry, musical knowledge and talent.

Working in many fields Sam has composed and produced music and sound for film, theatre, dance-companies, advertising and musical theatre.

Rodrigo Sierra

IMG_4268Rodrigo has a strong academic background in music composition and orchestration. Born in Argentina, he has worked with composers and orchestras around the world providing his advice in the fine details of arranging and orchestration for a successful performance, live or studio. Expert in music notation, he has been in charge of the music preparation for award winning film projects and live shows, and has worked as sheet music editor for various publishing companies.

Trained in the avantgarde tendencies of music, he enjoys combining technology and tradition.



Kevin Frei

Kevin is an entrepreneur and musical writer from Phoenix. He created Go Musicals and began working with Sam and Rodrigo to develop the tracks and sheet music for his own shows, some of which can be heard in our demos. He is also the one singing in most of those tracks.

Kevin has taken on an administrative role at Avocado so that Sam and Rodrigo can focus on working their magic.